Katie Harrison

Founder of Angels For Animals Foundation

Katie has always been an animal lover and activist. She believes that all animals deserve human compassion and fights for the better treatment of not only dogs but also other animals.

Katie has volunteered at various animal rescues throughout her life. After a couple of years volunteering with the Greyhound Trust, she adopted two ex-racing greyhound siblings to give them the life that they always should have had, as companions and not commodities from which to profit.

In 2019, Katie flew to China to volunteer for Harbin SHS – a charity that rescues dogs from the dog meat trade – and there she met a German Shepherd Dog mix named Larry whom her family decided to adopt.

It was after her visit to China where she met the girls that have dedicated a huge part of their lives to rescuing dogs from the most upsetting of circumstances and the beautiful, brave and resilient dogs that they have saved, that she decided that she needed to get actively involved in helping dogs in need and so Angels for Animals Foundation was born!