Astro – UK

Sex: Male
Size: Medium/large
Age: Approx 1 year  
Have I been neutered? No (on vet’s advice)
Energy needs? Medium to High
Can I live with children?
I would prefer a home without children
Can I live with dogs? I can live with other dogs
Can I live with cats? I need a home without cats

Astro is a young, mixed breed dog originally from Dubai. He was rescued from the streets as a puppy, along with his brother Ailfrid and mother Ailbhe, both of whom are also living in the UK now.

Astro has been living in an adoptive home for just over four months. Whilst his family love him dearly, they have decided their lifestyle is not going to provide Astro with the calm environment he needs to be his best, most comfortable self and so have made the difficult decision to help us find a new home for him.

Once he gets to know you, Astro can be a very affectionate, cheeky, comical dog. He loves big, happy greetings in the morning with lots of tail wags and will weave himself under his owner’s legs. He will roll over for belly rubs and play but also enjoys his own space and independence at times. 

Astro is a very well-trained dog and has stellar house manners. He is generally quiet around the house and will happily spend his day relaxing, preferably in a sunny spot. When he wants to play, he will come over and ask you to join him. He loves his toys and will throw them around, catch them and bring them to his owner when he wants to play. He also loves zoomies. He is very clever and responsive to training – he knows the commands ‘wait’, ‘paw’, ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘find it’ (to look for something), ‘ok’ (his release cue to eat his food) and ‘middle’ (to come and sit in between your legs and wait). He is also well trained to recall, always keeping an eye on where his family is and never wandering far unless he is greeting another dog. His new family will need to establish a bond with him to make sure that he continues to respond well to recall. Astro is used to being left in the house alone for up to four hours and does well.

Astro displays reactivity towards other dogs on the lead but, once off lead, absolutely loves to play with other dogs and will do so very well. 

Whilst Astro has a very fun, happy side to him, he also has a very anxious side and does need reassurance from his owner. He is particularly anxious around people he does not know, both when they pass him on walks or come into his owner’s house. He prefers strangers to keep their distance and simply let him be, often preferring to be in a separate room to them. He needs a lot of time to warm up to new people and progress to that point should be on his terms – when he is ready to engage he will let people know. Astro is an expressive dog and uses his body language and voice to communicate when he is anxious and wants to be left in peace. This is helpful for his family to be able to read how he is feeling. If someone he is not fully comfortable with approaches him, he will growl and warn them to step away. If his space is not respected when he is scared he may react and snap at the perpetrator. He has a tendency to bark at the postman and delivery men coming to the door, but stops quickly and when distracted by high value treats. Traffic, busy environments, groups of children, loud noises and getting into the boot of a car are all scary things for Astro. His anxiety around these things has improved and will need to continue to be worked on with his new family. For these reasons, he much prefers walking in quiet places such as rural woodland areas and long grassy fields.

With his anxiety in mind, we are looking for a home without children for Astro. We feel that he would be best placed with an experienced dog owner who is familiar with training and familiar with or prepared to help a nervous dog. His adopter will need to provide him with a structured training regime led by a trainer who prefers positive reinforcement training techniques which are best for reducing his fear of people. They should be prepared to work at a pace that Astro is comfortable with and follow advice from Angels for Animals Foundation where appropriate. Another confident dog in the home could be beneficial to him – he loves other dogs and they could provide him with reassurance. Astro would be most likely to thrive in a home in a rural/ semi-rural location with minimal non-regular visitors and a calm, quiet environment with a set routine.

Astro is a very lovely dog. He just needs an experienced dog lover who will be understanding of his anxiety and patient with his progress. He has had a lot of instability in his life so far – he has gone from the streets to a foster home to a kennel, back to a foster home and then to an adoptive home and is now moving again. He now needs to find his real forever. We are looking for someone who will be 100% committed to this very deserving rescue boy. 

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