Bentley – Romania

Sex: Male
Size: Large
Age: 2.5 years
English Setter
Have I been neutered? Yes
Energy needs? Medium to High
Can I live with children?
I have not been tested with children
Can I live with dogs? I can live with other dogs
Can I live with cats? I have not been tested with cats
Where will he travel from? He is in the UK

Bentley had a lucky escape. With the help of a rescue volunteer, we pulled him from a government “shelter”. These “shelters” are not a sanctuary but a prison. Once dogs are collected by dog catchers and put into a municipal “shelter”, one of three things happens to them: (A) they die of disease and/or starvation; (B) they are thrown into a van, driven up into a remote mountain range and dumped to starve in a place where there is no access to food and water and where, in the summer and winter, they face extreme temperatures; or (C) if they are lucky, they are euthanized. 

Just days before we pulled Bentley, the “shelter” had performed another mountain dumping and a number of dogs we had planned to pull with him, were gone. Our hearts were broken but we were so grateful that he was one of the lucky few still there to be saved. We took him out immediately. 

He was extremely skinny, dehydrated and his ears were absolutely covered in ticks. You could barely see his hair. Unsurprisingly, he was suffering from a tick-borne illness, for which he has now been treated, and his white blood cell count was very low. He was kept in the clinic for a month before being moved to our safe boarding facility.

Bentley travelled to the UK in September 2021 and is now, Bentley is ready to find his forever home. 

He is a sweet-natured boy that has an excitable side to him, typical of a Setter. He is generally quite confident around people and other dogs and is used to having a leash on. Bentley would do well in a home in a rural setting where he has space to run and play. He would likely benefit from having another young settled dog about the house to help him relax and settle in, although this is not essential.

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