Finn – Turkey

Sex: Male
Size: Large once fully grown
Age: approx 8 months
Labrador/Labrador Mix
Have I been neutered? No
Energy needs? Medium to High
Can I live with children?
I would prefer a home without young children
Can I live with dogs? I can live with other dogs
Can I live with cats? I have not been tested with cats
Where will he travel from? Turkey

We noticed Finn in videos of one of our rescue volunteers feeding the street dogs one day. We noticed how friendly he was and how he was pawing at the feet of our rescuer. We called her and asked her to go back and pick him up for us. The next day, she returned to the road where he was living, he came running over to her from a pile of rocks upon which he had been sleeping with three other pups, she scooped him up and the rest is history. You might be wondering about the three pups he was with…they are with us now too!

Finn is a classic labrador puppy with beautiful markings on his legs – white and brown socks turning into his jet black body. He is very like our adult male labrador Dylan – it is like seeing Dylan 6 months ago! He is very energetic, enjoying lots of running around and playtime.

Finn is stunningly handsome and extremely friendly towards both people and other dogs. As a labrador, he will benefit from a home in a semi-rural/rural environment with access to plenty of local walking spaces. 

Please note: with travel how it is at the moment, we are unable to travel to Turkey to meet the dogs ourselves and we rely on limited information provided to us by those that run the boarding facilities at which we keep our dogs. The dogs’ profiles are based on what they tell us and what we have seen in footage shared with us of the dogs. If you are looking at adopting a dog through us, please understand that most if not all of our dogs have come from the streets or backgrounds of neglect. They are generally not used to home environments and they need adopters who will unfailingly support them, committing 100% to rehabilitating them and getting them to their happiest and thriving state. They will need time and patience and adopters who will put in the work and research to prepare to support them as best they can. If you are not prepared for this, please do not apply. A dog is for life. A dog is family. We expect our adopters to understand this.


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