Tess was tied up into a sack and thrown into a forest near Antalaya, Turkey, with her 6 siblings. Local volunteers that feed stray dogs released them from the sack and were feeding them and keeping an eye on them in the forest but, unfortunately, 2 of them died within the first week – one was killed by a fox and another hit by a car when they ventured onto the road. The volunteer then contacted us and asked us to take the remaining 5 siblings. We agreed and got them straight to the vet. Unfortunately all of the puppies had kennel cough and Tess suffered from pneumonia as a complication of the kennel cough. In spite of 24/7 vet care, she was not strong enough to overcome the pneumonia and died whilst her four remaining siblings recovered quickly.

Tess – you are forever in our hearts. May you be at peace and always remembered by our community.

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