Fred – UK – Adopted

Sex: Male
Size: Small-Medium (approx 15kg)
Age: 1.2 years
Mixed Breed
Have I been neutered? Yes
Energy needs? Medium 
Can I live with children?
I have not been tested with children
Can I live with dogs? I need to live with another dog/ other dogs
Can I live with cats? I have not been tested with cats
Where will he travel from? He is in foster in the UK

Fred was born on the streets. In autumn he enjoyed playing in the fallen leaves with his siblings. He was only a few months old when the harsh winter weather started to set in. One of our local volunteers was desperate to find him and his family a place to go, concerned that they would not survive the winter. We stepped up and took him and one of his sisters under our wing. Two other charities that we work alongside occasionally took in his other 3 siblings and mother.

Fred travelled to the UK in September 2021 and is now ready to find his forever home. 

It was traumatic for Fred being separated from his sister on arrival in the UK but it was best for both of them. They needed to lose that comfort blanket of each other that was keeping them in their ‘shells’.

Fred is a short-legged, long-bodied dog.  His legs are a little bowed due to genetics – our UK vet has advised that his legs may be able to be straightened in the future if necessary. He is a sweet-natured boy who is very nervous of people he does not know at first. He needs time to come out of his ‘shell’. He needs a patient adopter who will let him follow them around the house and observe them, learning to trust them. He learns to trust by simply watching you and seeing that he can live with you around and he is safe. Affection is something Fred will accept from you once he starts to trust you and so this will need to be built up slowly on his terms. Once he trusts you, he becomes like a little shadow – always happily trotting behind you with a sweet tail wag.

Fred is nervous of having a lead connected to a harness or collar. We have been working on this with him and it is something that his adopter will need to do too – help him build a positive association with the collar, harness and lead. This takes a little bit of time but is easy to do with positive reinforcement using treats! He has been going out on walks with his foster family and is getting more comfortable doing so. We think Fred will grow in confidence with these items as he also grows in trust and confidence with his adopter.

He loves other dogs. He gets confidence from dogs already being settled in the home so we would like to home this little man in a home with a resident dog or several resident dogs. He is affectionate to other dogs and loves to be involved in play. He has been sleeping alongside his fellow foster dogs at night. He can be unsettled at night at first – once he has bonded to you, he does get anxious when you go upstairs and leave him downstairs and so his adopter will need to keep their eye on him at night as he settles in and take precautions to keep items off the side, not leaving things within his reach to prevent any destructive behaviour. Restless nights and curiosity with items is something to be expected of dogs in new homes, especially when they have not been in a home before. It is best to make sure they cannot exhibit that behaviour from the start by removing any items they could get hold of to investigate and chew. Once settled, they will be fine.

He is a perfect dog for a patient home who knows good things come to those who wait. His ideal adopter will be someone who will be patient and loving with him and who works from home or can be at home all the time until he fully settles. His ideal home will have a very secure garden (6ft fence or wall) and a confident resident dog that will help him gain his own confidence and show him the ropes of life with a human and in a home. Since he is a shy little man, a home that is not in a very busy environment and does not have children would be preferred.

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