Bentley – UK

Sex: Male.
Size: Medium – Large.
Age: 2.5 years.
English Setter.
Have I been neutered? Yes.
Energy needs? High.
Can I live with children?
No. I have not been tested with children.
Can I live with dogs? I can live with another calm and confident dog.
Can I live with cats? No. I have not been tested with cats but I have a high prey drive. 
Where will he travel from? He is in kennels in the UK.

Bentley was rescued from a government shelter suffering from malnutrition. He was extremely dehydrated and weak and his ears were covered in ticks. Bentley travelled from Romania in early September and is now safely in our trusted kennels in the UK where he is doing really well.

Bentley is a sweet-natured boy who radiates happy energy and is very affectionate. He is a typical Setter with an abundance of energy and a high prey dive (due to the Setter breed being hunting dogs). He is confident and very friendly around people and will jump up at almost everyone for cuddles upon meeting them. 

He has been getting on well with the other dogs in kennels, playing and running with them in the secure paddock.

On walks, Bentley is strong on the lead and loves to zig zag, sniffing the grasses and hedges for interesting scents to follow. He is really enjoying having regular daily walks which is not something he is used to. His excitement on walks may die down as he learns that this is something he will get every day and once he has access to a garden to play in but for now it is all new to him and very exciting!

Bentley’s ideal home will be in a rural/semi-rural area with access to countryside walks and a good-sized, secure garden so that he can stretch his legs and burn off some energy. He would do well with or without an existing dog. Any other dogs in the home will need to be neutered/spayed. Because of his energy levels and his tendency to jump up at people to greet them, Bentley will need a home without young children. His adopters will need to be willing to provide him with enrichment in the house/garden to keep his intelligent brain occupied. They should also be happy to work with him on general manners – greeting people calmly, without jumping up and walking calmly on the lead, helping him harness his enjoyment of sniffing and hunting in an enjoyable way. He would be a great dog for an active person or couple who would enjoy training a very intelligent dog.

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