Sex: Female
Size: Small-Medium
Age: 1-2 years old 
Mixed Breed
Have I been spayed? Yes
Energy needs? Medium 
Can I live with children?
We will consider homes with sensible children who respect boundaries
Can I live with dogs? I can live with or without another dog
Can I live with cats? I have not been tested with cats but I do not tend to chase small animals
Where will she travel from? She is currently in foster in the UK

Snow is currently in foster in the South of England where she is flourishing and settling in quickly. She is ready for her forever home.

Snow was one of our most high profile rescues, rescued as one of a group of puppies who survived a ‘House of Horrors’ in which men were torturing and killing young puppies they had collected from the street. When the survivors were rescued, they all had canine parvovirus and had a fight to live on their hands. Snow was one of the lucky few survivors. 

In spite of her experience in that house, Snow is a bubbly, happy, sociable little bean. She is a bundle of energy and fun and will be a great addition to any home, with or without an existing dog.

When she first arrived into her foster home, she was uncharacteristically quiet and shy and it took her a few days to relax and start to show her true personality. She was a little unsettled at night for the first few days too but now sleeps really well through the night. Her adopter will need to be patient as she acclimatises to her new home.

She is really friendly with people, even strangers she meets on walks. She would probably happily trot off into the distance with a stranger so you have to keep your eye on her!

Snow does really well mixing with other dogs on walks and in the house. She has formed a very sweet relationship with one of her young foster siblings and they spend time play-wrestling and running around together on walks. Her other foster sibling is an older dog and Snow respects the space that they need.

She loves her walks and is very familiar with her harness coming out meaning it is time to go on a walk now. She can walk up to 1.5-2 hours per day and enjoys running as well as sniffing and exploring the surrounding plants. You can’t drag her away from something she wants to smell – she will dig her heels in! Overall she is an easy dog to manage on walks.

In the house, as long as she has had her daily good walk(s), Snow is generally a calm dog, enjoying relaxing and getting belly rubs on the sofa, the odd play with her foster siblings and pottering around the garden. She will need help continuing to learn what she can/cannot chew on but should learn quickly with the right, positive guidance since she seems to be very intelligent. Her foster family have left her at home with their dogs for up to two hours and she has not got up to any mischief whilst they have been out.

She really loves the outdoors and so if you enjoy a spot of gardening, outdoors DIY or garden workouts, she will be a great little pal for you. Snow picked up on toilet training very quickly in foster.

Snow could live in either an urban or rural setting as long as she gets a good length walk or two each day! She is a very affectionate girl who will make an adorable companion for any dog-loving person. She would be happiest with an adopter who is home for most of the time because she does love company. 


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