Milo – UK

Sex: Male
Size: Large
Age: 2 years old
Mixed breed (Shepherd)
Have I been neutered? Yes
Energy needs? Medium
Can I live with children?
I would prefer a home without young children
Can I live with dogs? I would prefer a home with another calm dog
Can I live with cats? I have not been tested with cats
Where will he travel from? He is currently in kennels in the UK

Milo is currently in our trusted kennels in the UK. He is a handsome, fluffy, sweet boy and is ready for his forever home.

Milo was rescued from a government shelter in Turkey. These shelters do not feed the animals or get them appropriate veterinary care. Many die of disease there and so Milo had a lucky escape. 


Milo is an affectionate dog, particularly once he is comfortable with you. He is shy at first but quickly learns to trust if given time and patience and will lean into you for cuddles when he wants reassurance. He enjoys being around people he knows. He will come to you for attention and take himself off to settle down when he has had enough. He does enjoy belly rubs and being groomed when he is relaxing.

Outside of the home, he can be wary of strangers but still remains calm when they walk past and has been fine to greet them calmly too. His adopter should be prepared to keep helping him gain confidence on walks and building positive associations with meeting new people.


Milo is good with other dogs. He is a calm member of the kennel pack and really likes to be around his canine friends. 

In kennels, having other more confident dogs around has helped Milo to feel more comfortable and gain confidence and so we believe that he would be happiest in a home with an existing, confident, resident dog.

We believe that Milo would do well visiting a doggy daycare regularly to have the opportunity to keep mixing with other dogs and keep his routine varied and stimulating.


Milo walks well on the lead and so is generally easy to manage on walks. 

He can be a little shy around new dogs on walks but greets them nicely in any event.

He is a little unsure of busy roads and traffic and so will need his adopter to help him learn that these are not things to be scared of. He does best walking in quiet, rural, environments and it would be great if his adopter could walk him in these areas until he builds more confidence around noise and commotion. Secure fields could be a great way to start with Milo – giving him time to run around and do some training with his new adopter in a secure and calm environment.

He has been in a car several times and whilst he is fine to be lifted into the car, he obviously is a little nervous of being in the car so will do well with some training to build positive associations with the car.


He does know some basic obedience commands quite well: ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, ‘come’ and he is generally responding to his name.

He has done well with toilet training so far and, in a home environment, tends to try to let you know when he needs the toilet by waiting by the exit to the garden.


Milo is generally comfortable in a home environment and will relax next to people. He is still learning what he can/cannot chew on or play with in the home so his adopter will need to positively redirect any chewing and playing onto appropriate items.

He is still getting used to the TV but with some positive reinforcement will become comfortable with this.

He does love his food (good for training) and so likes to jump up and put his front paws on the counter to check out what tasty morsels are being prepared. A simple ‘down’ encouragement will help him with this.

At night he can be a little unsettled and so will need a good night-time routine to help him get used to settling and relaxing. He has only experienced a limited time in a home environment and so it is all very new to him and he just needs some time. We think he would prefer a quiet home environment because he is wary of noises and these can disturb him in the evening.

He is a clever boy and so will need plenty of mental stimulation by way of training and enrichment (lickimats, puzzles, kong toys, snuffle mats etc.). 

Good daily exercise and mental stimulation will help him to settle better generally and at night.

He isn’t used to being left alone and so this is something his adopter would need to work towards slowly.

Ideal Home

Milo will be best placed in a home where his adopters are home most of the time (i.e. not working in an office all week).

Overall, Milo has a very gentle and calm character and so we believe his ideal home would be in a rural/semi-rural environment where it is quiet and spacious. We think he would be happiest in a home with an existing dog to help show him the ropes in his new home and keep him company.

He will need an adopter who will work on training with him and will provide him with daily mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep his intelligent mind occupied.

Whilst we have tried to provide a thorough profile for Milo, we make no guarantees about his behaviour. a dog’s behaviour can change in a new environment, with a new routine and new people and even over time.

We ask that all of our adopters connect with a suitably experienced behaviourist prior to the arrival of their dog so that they have someone they can turn to for professional support if needed. It is invaluable to have this set up from the get go.

The most important thing we are looking for in applications for any of our dogs is a clear commitment to them, understanding that their behaviour can change and the promise to support them through it all.


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