Sex: Female
Size: Large
Age: 2 years old
Have I been spayed? Yes
Energy needs? Medium
Can I live with children?
I would prefer a home without young children
Can I live with dogs? I would prefer a home with another confident resident dog
Can I live with cats? I have not been tested with cats
Where will she travel from? She is in foster in the UK

Evie was dumped on the streets as a puppy in Turkey with the rest of her littermates. In spite of growing up on the streets until she was rescued in December 2020, Evie has settled into her foster home quickly and adapted well to home life so far.

Evie is an extremely sweet-natured girl who is timid around people she does not know at first. However, with slow introductions, she quickly comes out of her shell and will approach for cuddles and love. Once comfortable with people, she is a very affectionate dog, who loves to sit with you and paw at you for more attention and she has a cheeky, playful side to her which is bound to make you smile. We have no doubt her adopter will adore her.

In foster, Evie has taken a lot of confidence from her foster family’s existing resident female dog. We believe she would be happiest in a home with an existing dog who can show her the ropes of home life and reassure her when she is a little nervous of new experiences and people. She walks more confidently outside of the house with another dog than she does alone.

Evie is very submissive and likes to make it clear to other dogs that she is not a threat by lowering herself to the floor to be smaller than them, even smaller than tiny yorkshire terriers she was in boarding with in Turkey – this will have been a survival mechanism for life on the streets. She will be shy around other dogs until she realises that they are not going to hurt her and then she will quickly become comfortable and playful with them. Whilst she loves to play and has a very playful, loving relationship with her foster sibling, she can become withdrawn around dogs that are too “full on” and who bark at her – this frightens her.

She has been doing well with learning to loose-lead walk and will need an adopter to keep working on this with her. Loud noises (barking, cars etc) on walks can be a little scary for her and so her adopter should be prepared to help her to build positive associations and confidence on walks. She has moderate energy levels and has been enjoying 2 walks a day in her foster home.

Evie is new to a home environment and will need help learning what she can/cannot chew on. She has been working on this in her foster home. She has taken an interest in stealing blankets, cushions and socks but will give these up for a treat and, as long as she has had enough exercise and stimulation, is not destructive. She does like to destroy her toys so needs tough toys! Evie has done well sharing toys with her foster sibling and has not displayed any resource guarding but toys should be introduced slowly and appropriately around new dogs. Although she has not displayed any tendency to guard food around her foster sibling or family, she does eat noticeably fast and so Evie definitely is not used to the idea of having a reliable food source yet (like on the streets). Her adopter should continue helping her to understand that she is now safe and will never go hungry.

At nighttime, Evie has been sleeping well downstairs by herself. She is largely toilet trained but can occasionally still have a little accident if she is anxious so her adopter will need to continue praising her for outdoor toileting and, as she settles in and builds in confidence, any little anxiety-driven accidents should subside.

Evie is a perfect dog for a patient home who knows good things come to those who wait. Her ideal adopter will be someone who will be patient and loving with her and who works from home or can be at home all the time until she fully settles. Her ideal home will have a very secure garden (6ft fence or wall) and a confident, calm, resident dog that will help her gain her own confidence and show her the ropes of life with a human and in a home. Since she is a little shy around new people and experiences, a home that is quiet (semi-rural/rural), not in a very busy environment, with access to quiet walks in green spaces and does not have children would be best for Evie.


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