Storm – Turkey

Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 1-1.5 years old
Samoyed (suspect)
Have I been neutered? Yes
Energy needs? High (snow dog energy)
Can I live with children?
I would prefer a home without young children.
Can I live with dogs? I can live with or without other dogs.
Can I live with cats? I have not been tested with cats.
Where will he travel from? He will be travelling from Turkey.

Storm was abandoned and was at risk of ending up in a government shelter if a rescue did not step forward to take him under their wing. His back end was very matted on intake. We believe he is a Samoyed. 

What we know about Storm is limited to the information our boarding facility passes on to us. What they have told us is as follows:

Storm is a really playful, friendly character. He loves to be around people and will make a great companion for anyone. He also enjoys the company of other dogs but would be happy living either with another dog or alone.

We don’t know Storm’s past but he is used to walking on a lead and doesn’t appear to have any issues with resource guarding. However, we do ask that all adopters and fosterers be prepared for some resource guarding and happy to work on it. He clearly wasn’t well cared for in his previous placement.

Typical of a snow dog, he has a lot of energy so he would do well in an active home with a good-sized garden with an adopter who is prepared to not only help him expend his physical energy but also exercise his brain with lots of enrichment. Snow dogs can also be very vocal and Storm does bark when he is excited and greeting people so his adopter should be prepared for a snow dog’s voice.

Although he has likely (we don’t know for sure) been in a home before, since rescue he has been staying in boarding around lots of other dogs and without constant access to the outdoors for toiletting so his adopter should expect to have to reacclimatise him to a home environment and be prepared to train from the basics again. We expect all of our adopters and fosterers to understand that dogs need time to settle into a new environment and routine and so they need to be flexible and allow the dog to make mistakes as they learn to be safe and loved in a new country and home.

Storm is a fantastic dog who appears to be a typical, friendly, Samoyed and we hope we can find him an amazing forever family!

Whilst breed experience is helpful, it is not necessary. The most important thing we are looking for in applications is clear commitment to the dog, understanding that their behaviour can change and the promising to support them through it all.


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