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Most, if not all of the dogs we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome, are from abroad. They do not have the luxury of being in the United Kingdom already. This means that adopters are not able to meet them before committing to love them. It means that we cannot necessarily test them in all of the situations that adopters would like us to, for example, cat testing.  It also means that, once adopted, they will have to make a long journey to the United Kingdom by either air or road and this is an additional cost for adopters.
There are of course cheaper ways to adopt – you can adopt locally within the United Kingdom therefore avoiding travel costs – however, we hope that adopters will see our dogs for what they are: sweet beings that have been rescued from often horrendous circumstances of neglect and abuse that are looking for an angel who will commit to love them forever and recognises that the expense in getting them home will be completely worth it.
Generally adopters should be prepared to pay up to £1,000 for the safe arrival of their companion. The total cost could be a little more than this if the dog is very large because air travel is costed per kilogram in weight. We understand that some adopters will be put off by this cost but we have faith that there are adopters out there that will step up to adopt these dogs, even if they have to make short-term budgetary sacrifices or actively fundraise to make it happen.

Adoption Process

STEP 1: Adoption Application

Download and complete a copy of our Adoption Application Form and return it to us by email to This form helps us get to know a little more about you and whether you would be a good fit for the animal you are interested in adopting.

STEP 2: Home Check and Interview

We will review your questionnaire and then perform a home-check either in person or via video call so that we can verify that the information that you have provided in your questionnaire is correct and we can put a face to the name and say hello in person!

STEP 3: Adoption Contract and Deposit

If your application is approved, we will send you an adoption contract which will make it clear the terms on which we have accepted your application and makes promises to us that you will offer our dog a safe and loving home. The contract will set out clearly the costs involved in the adoption and the deposit due upon signature of the contract.

STEP 4: Your new companion's arrival

After a long journey, your new companion will arrive on UK soil to meet you either at a meeting point or on your doorstep. You will register them as your dog and help them settle in.

STEP 5: The check-in!

We will organise to visit or video call you 1 – 2 weeks post arrival of your new companion so that we can make sure that they are settling in well and offer you our advice and support.