Best Friends

Our “best friends” are not-for-profits or charities that we work with in order to help animals to the best of our abilities.

All of our “best friend” organisations’ missions are in alignment with ours: they all seek to help animals indiscriminately, no matter their breed, age, physical or mental condition.

Some of our “best friends” are registered US charities with whom we work occasionally in order to re-home dogs in the USA.

We are so proud to be affiliated with each of these organisations (all of whom are founded and voluntarily run by compassionate, hard-working women) and look forward to working with them to help many animals find their forever homes.

Must Love Pups

Must Love Pups

A foster-based dog rescue located in Colorado which facilitates the rehoming of abandoned and abused animals in the US. MLP has rescue partners in Texas, China and Serbia but that does not stop its passionate founder from helping dogs in need located elsewhere in the world. MLP has helped Angels for Animals Foundation and its best friends to rehome dogs in the US which would not have been able to be rehomed in the UK due to the extremely prejudiced breed specific legislation.

Nana's Haven Logo

Nana's Haven

A dog rescue with a base in NYC and Jacksonville, FL. Founded by a woman who was inspired by her own rescue dog (Nana) from the Chinese meat trade, NH focusses on rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs from the Chinese and South Korean meat trades into loving homes in the USA (and UK, working with Angels for Animals Foundation) whilst also taking on local US rescue cases when there is a need. Nana's story also helped inspire Angels for Animals Foundation.

Rags 2 Rescued Logo

Rags 2 Rescued

A US-based charity that focusses on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of stray, abandoned and neglected dogs in Turkey. R2R and Angels for Animals Foundation collaborate in order to rehome dogs in either the UK or USA and to provide vital funding to on-the-ground Turkish rescuers. The founder of R2R is a big believer that together, we are stronger for the animals - a motto with which Angels for Animals' founder very much agrees.

Help Street Cats and Dogs

A well-established UK-based charity whose efforts are focussed on rescuing and rehabilitating stray, abused and abandoned dogs and cats in Turkey and rehoming them with loving families in the UK, USA, Canada or Europe. The founder of HSCD has been instrumental in Angels for Animals' own operation in Turkey by introducing key contacts and even facilitating translation between local rescuers and Angels for Animals Foundation.