Tess was tied up into a sack and thrown into a forest near Antalaya, Turkey, with her 6 siblings. Local volunteers that feed stray dogs released them from the sack and were feeding them and keeping an eye on them in the forest but, unfortunately, 2 of them died within the first week – one … Read more


Casper was abandoned at a veterinary surgery in Turkey. We agreed to take him under our wing. At his first vet examination, the vets advised that there was evidence that he had been sexually abused – he had trauma to the back part of his body. This shocked us. The vets also advised that there … Read more


We found Shadow in a forest near Istanbul in Turkey. He was in a terrible condition. His hair was all matted, half of his tail was missing, he has sores all over him and his back right leg was badly broken. We do not know what caused this but all the evidence pointed to deliberate … Read more