Rescuing dogs is the easy part. The hard part is having to then find the funds to make sure that we can give those dogs the veterinary treatment and safe boarding place for all the months that they need to stay with us before travelling to their new families. Upon rescue, the dogs become our responsibility. They are our dogs until they arrive in their new homes. We have to be able to look after them to the best of our ability. You can help us do this by sponsoring one of our dogs. Sponsoring a dog gives us peace of mind that that dog’s care and boarding is secured until we find it a home and in turn frees up valuable funds for us to be able to rescue more dogs in need, pay our vet bills and run our community spay and neuter, dog house and blanket projects.
It costs £90 per month for one dog’s boarding, food and travel to the vets. You can choose to be a part or full sponsor for a dog of your choice.
As a sponsor of one of our dogs, you will receive a monthly update on your sponsor dog so you can see first hand how you have helped change a life.
If you would like to sponsor and help change a dog’s life, you can register your interest below and we will be in touch!

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