Our Partners

As well as rescuing dogs directly in Turkey, we also work with “partners” to help them rehome animals that they have rescued in the countries in which they operate.

Our partners are rescue organisations and initiatives to whom we have reached out in order to offer our support and form a working relationship.

Each of our partners does fantastic work for animals day in day out. On-the-ground rescue and rehabilitation work is both physically and emotionally tiring and can be all-consuming. We want to ease the burden on these fantastic organisations and initiatives by helping them fund rescue missions and emergency treatment, handling the rehoming process and helping their animals get to their new homes safe and sound. We and our partners recognise that we can only do the best for the animals if we pool our resources and work together. After all, there is no ‘i’ in ‘team’!

Paw Patrol Animal Rescue

Paw Patrol UAE

An initiative to help animals in need by providing them with adequate medical care, training, rehabilitation and finding them forever homes. We will share every part of the journey!

Vucjak Shelter

Home of over 700 animals: dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, wolves, red fox and jackals. Began in 2005 to give abandoned Serbian street dogs a safe sanctuary.